a trip to the Art Gallery NSW

There is nothing like a few lull days ... days of lull to finally have a good meeting and have time to chill in the park...even better when that park has a gallery. The Art Gallery NSW in the Domain in Sydney always seems to have quite an impact on me!

Colour is in total splendour there at the moment.
When you enter there are miniature colourful streamers hanging from the ceiling and they move with the presence of people, at least that's what I felt. It could be fans blowing them too, but the idea that when we walk we energise this colour is more thrilling.

Simple yet powerful displays of colours welcome you on entering the building and allowing yourself the time to consider these displays brings comfort to me.
They also seem quite contemporary, even in their reference or being taken from the passed. But bright, bold, controlled and playful dance and calmly relax our eyes.

But I failed to take many pictures of this-I may have to venture back.