Celebrating Sorrow / celebrating Touch

'a common Sense'
Ann Hamilton is someone I just happened to read about through a friend's posting and wow am I happy I did. To think that there could be many a missed opportunity for discovering such tremendous accomplishments in the artworld brings a certain sorrow. But mixed with the unquenchable desire to applause this woman for her latest display in Seattle, a sadness is noted as I will not be there to witness her collection...truly inspired!

what is really (dare I say) 'touching' is the involvement of the volunteers and visitors to read to and 'comfort' these morbid beings. I can imagine this as a condoling celebration. Something that seems more personally meditative than achieving much else but giving an extra level of experience than simply viewing with the eyes. Hamilton's invitation for us to be involved(I feel) gives comfort and honours those she displays. (my new hero!)