Libby Pool

Preambling around the Rocks, I found myself swiftly moving through the market. Not in the mood for food the smells alone can satisfy. And then at an angle on a corner colour makes me stop. I look as I pass and cannot refrain from touching. Oceans and sher galaxies are conjured in my mind as I hold such precious finds.  Jewelery...handmade, and full of stories.
Libby says something to me about something, was it eye-colour or Pisceans? I mention my sister and we cannot stop sharing stories of our Gemini counterparts. Libby Pool is a wonder, and her work is beautiful. She finds these precious paua shells from the cool pools in New Zealand and makes stunning wearable art.
A delight for the eyes and a warmth of a find!

here's an inkling...not the one i got...but i want more!

Here is one of yours truly wearing the goods and manhandling the greats (ooh Beamish)